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Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

The concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation is the focus of the NRP Provider Course. This course is designed for professionals who are in line with neonatal resuscitation.
The participant is responsible for studying the materials and taking the online education before attending the practical exam. The instructor will prepare skill stations in simulation and debriefing that the participant needs to complete.

• The Performance Skills Station provides an opportunity to practice or review technical hands-on resuscitation skills with instructor assistance.

• The Integrated Skills Station allows the instructor to facilitate more than one scenario and evaluate the learner's readiness for simulation and debriefing. The instructor will not coach, assist, or interrupt during a scenario.

• Simulation and debriefing provides a safe setting in which to integrate cognitive and technical skills, and focus on team communication and patient safety.


  • NRP Provider Course is designed for the following professionals:
    • Physicians
    • Nurse
    • Advanced practice nurses
    • Nurse midwives
    • Licensed midwives
    • Respiratory care practitioners

    And other health care professionals who provide direct care during neonatal resuscitation.

  • The NRP Provider Course requires the participants to take the Online Exam before they proceed to Skill Testing. Upon completing the Online Exam, participants will receive a Certificate. After the participants complete Skills Testing they will receive Compilation Certificate. 

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