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Fetal Heart Monitoring

Fetal heart monitoring (FHM) is used to assess fetal well-being during labor, Pregnancy and delivery. It also checks the duration of the contractions of pregnant mother and CTG Interpretation plays an important role in monitoring of fetal well-being and allow early detection of fetal distress.


The topics discussing in the workshop are

·       Introduction to Fetal Heart Monitoring

·       Providing Care During Labor ,Childbirth and Immediate Postpartum,

·       Complications During Labor

·       High Risk Obstetrics Care in the Developing Countries

·       Antepartum Fetal Assessment

·       Antepartum Fetal Monitoring

·       Introducing Fetal ECG Waveform Analysis for Intrapartum Care

·       Maternal-Fetal  Physiology &  Inadequate Fetal Oxygenation

·       Fetal Acid-Base Balance and some Risk Management through Communication.

·       Hands on practice On Electronic Instrumentation

·       How to do Uterine Assessment

·       Learning to recognize and Interpretation of CTG Patterns.


Health care professions who Work in

  • Emergency Department 
  • Obstetricians
  • Midwife Nurse
  • Registered Nurse

To complete the requirement, a pretest and posttest will be conducted to assess the gained Knowledge of the participants from the workshop.

After Completion of Workshop participant will be issued CME Certificate­­­­­ that can apply in MOH.



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